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July 21, 2023

The natural beauty of waterfalls can provide a breathtaking backdrop for engagement photos. The state of North Carolina and the Appalachians encompassing the surrounding states are brimming with waterfalls all over. A certain region in Western North Carolina is even dubbed “The Land of Waterfalls” due to the insane amount of waterfalls in a small area. The appeal of nature and the romantic atmosphere it can create for couples makes for not just a pretty backdrop, but it creates an amazing experience for your adventure engagement. No two waterfalls are the same, which means you should put as many on your radar and list to see when you can. But if you are on the specific hunt for a waterfall for your engagement photos, posing tips, or ideas on what to wear, I hope you find some inspiration in this post. And feel free to reach out to me about photographing your amazing engagement!

Why Engagement Photos Are Important

Engagement photos are hands down one of the most FUN parts of the wedding planning process. Not only are they an insanely good time, but they’re a great opportunity to capture the love and excitement of you two during this special time in your lives. If you two have never had professional photos taken, this is a great time to capture the love between you two in something other than your wedding attire. It also provides an opportunity for you and your photographer (wink! wink!) to meet before your wedding day so you have a chance to get to know each other and get comfortable being in front of the camera. Your engagement is an amazing chapter in your lives alone, so why not document it!

Choosing the Right Waterfall Location

There are lots of factors to keep in mind when selecting the perfect waterfall location for your engagement photos. The most important factors to keep in mind are accessibility and safety. You want this experience to be fun and enjoyable, therefore it is not recommended to push yourself beyond your body’s known limits; That’s only going to make for a miserable time! Fortunately, with the vast amount of waterfalls that North Carolina has to offer, there’s everything from waterfalls right off the side of the road to some strenuous treks down steep cliffs for a front row ticket to nature’s beauty.

Privacy usually goes hand-in-hand with accessibility, so those roadside waterfalls will always be more popular and have more visitors. If you are looking for a more private and intimate setting for your engagement photos, I recommend avoiding the popular waterfalls such as those. Thankfully, as an avid outdoorsperson myself who LOVES waterfalls, I have amassed quite the collection of waterfalls to suggest for your adventure engagement and would love to help find the perfect one for you!

Best Time for Waterfall Engagement Photos

Waterfall engagement photos can be taken really any time of the year — it will just depend on what type of scenery and vibe you are envisioning for your unique photos. Some waterfalls might be inaccessible during the winter and possibly into the early part of spring, but wintertime waterfall engagement photos make for a unique setting. There’s also typically less people out on the trails that part of the year.

Ideal lighting and the time of day really make a difference in the outcome of your images. Since nearly all waterfalls are located within a forest, surrounding by towering trees, timing is key in order to achieve the mood you are hoping to go for with your photos. Of course, weather conditions can sometimes be unpredictable, and my biggest advice is to have an open mind and sense of excitement for whatever is to come. The direction in which a waterfall is facing in relation to the path of the sun is also notable when determining what time of day to shoot. If you are looking for a nice glow to your waterfall engagement photos, perhaps consider an early morning or late afternoon shoot, within a couple hours of that day’s sunrise or sunset time, respectively. If this all seems a bit overwhelming for you to keep track of, NO worries at all! I’m here and more than happy to help with all that. Typically once a couple chooses their ideal location, I’ll look into what time is best to shoot at that specific spot, so don’t feel like you have to take on that task yourself at all. I got you!

A man holds his fiancé close as they both stand in front of a waterfall for their North Carolina waterfall engagement photos
A man holds his fiancé close as they both stand in front of a waterfall for their North Carolina waterfall engagement photos

Posing & Styling Tips

When it comes to posing for your engagement session, my tip is: Don’t stress about it! It’s a vital part of my job to not only make you feel comfortable in front of the camera but look comfortable as well! Being in the natural landscape of a beautiful waterfall we will find ourselves in for your engagement shoot, it’s only right to mimic that with the natural display of your connection to sync with your surroundings. Of course, I will direct you throughout the entire session, and adjust things if need be. I’m very meticulous in terms of details, so I’ll be looking out for you in terms of things like flattering angles, making sure your hair is in place and looking fabulous, and more!

My biggest suggestion when deciding on what to wear for your engagement photos is to find an outfit which makes you feel AMAZING. This is such a momentous and exciting time in your lives that you want your outfits to match that level of excitement! If you are investing in professional photos, it’s only right that you avoid going too casual where the outfit really takes away from the magic of the images. I’m happy to help you however I can if you are having some trouble deciding along the way!

Extending your session to allow for time for more than one outfit is an excellent idea if you want more looks to your images or are just having trouble deciding between outfits. Some couples opt for a casual look followed by a more formal look for a little variety in their imagery, which I totally recommend!

A couples stands on a rock in front of a waterfall as the man dips and passionately kisses his fiancé for their engagement photos.

Making Your Engagement Shoot Creative & Unique

I encourage you to bring your own ideas and personalities to your engagement shoot! This is not just another photoshoot — these photos are meant to represent the two of you to your core. I want to see how you two authentically interact with and love on one another. I want to see the uniqueness that makes you you. Maybe you two love music and you can bring your guitar to play creekside. Maybe there’s a campsite with a fire ring next to the waterfall, or some trees to hang a hammock from and just enjoy the day. These are just a few ideas of what you can incorporate into your own session. Whatever is important to you, see how you can go about including it in your engagement photos!

What questions might you have about a waterfall engagement shoot? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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