Adventurous Winter Sunrise Engagement | North Carolina Engagement Photographer

April 5, 2019

It was a frigid, late-fall morning long before the crack of down when I met with Jessica and Remy outside of the Pisgah National Forest. The clock said it was early morning, but it felt like the dead of night. I couldn’t contain my excitement for the day that lay ahead. The forecast called for a clear morning in the mountains of western North Carolina and I knew it was the perfect setup for a beautiful sunrise. All of the time I had spent prepping for this day, however, did not prepare us for a family of black bears that ran out in front of my car on the drive up to the trailhead. They were adorable, of course, but quite the surprise nonetheless.

Jessica and Remy are so cute. Their laughs are contagious and their burning love for each other is so beautiful. There were a few moments throughout the morning where I gave the two of them some time to themselves, whether it be to change or grab something out of a bag or whatnot, and I remember turning around, or coming back over the bald to the sight, and I would catch Jess wrapped up in Remy’s arms. Beautiful moments in the mountains.

The sunrise that morning couldn’t have been more perfect. The spectrum of colors and lack of cloud cover to obstruct the spectacular view made for an unforgettable adventure. The clouds looked like a sea hanging over valleys in some spots and straight planes of their own in the sky in other directions. And the sun rising over the Blue Ridge Mountains lit the Smoky Mountain Range just perfectly for another fantastic backdrop to end our adventurous morning together.

The sun rises over the Appalachian Mountains during this couple's winter sunrise adventure engagement session
A couple walks up the trail at Max Patch while the sun rises during their sunrise adventure engagement session
A couple runs across the mountain in front of an epic sunrise for their winter sunrise engagement session

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Sunrise instead of sunset is a great idea. Especially if you are an early bird. 😀


This is so precious!! I can see what you’re saying about their love!! It shines brighter than the sunrise that day!!

Heyyyyyy a familiar location 🙂 I love how you described not only this session but the sweetness of this couple. GORGEOUS sunrise session!

Awh what a beautiful session! you captured their personalities so perfectly, and you literally got the perfect sunset and lighting! What a fun adventure for sure!

Monica, this session is beautiful! Before I dive into the pictures (which were fantastic) I want to point out how much I love the way you describe this couple in the text above the photos– super loving, contagious laughter. All of that is so, so obvious in your session. You did such a beautiful job capturing their day!

WOW. These are insane! What an incredible adventure!

Oh my gosh, what a perfect sunrise for a session! These photos are so beautiful!

wow wow and wow! these photos are crazy beautiful!

These are so pretty! It looks like a gorgeous sunrise.

THESE ARE FREAKING STUNNING! LOVE the silhouette shots an that shot where he’s off in the distance and she’d closer to the camera. SO AWESOME!

So golden! Looks like an amazing time!