Engagement Session at a Secret Waterfall | North Carolina Waterfall Engagement Adventure

January 5, 2019

There are so many things I want to say about this amazing western North Carolina waterfall engagement session out in western North Carolina. I met Kate and Matt that day in extreme north Georgia and drove winding roads the entire way and over the state line to this lesser known spot somewhere out in the forest. I was so thrilled when the two of them decided on this place out of the list of suggested locations I sent to them to consider for their engagement session. It’s a personal favorite of mine. We left the rock house as the light was fading, all with full hearts.

When I first met them, Matt told me about the time he proposed. He did it while the two of them were out in the lake, literally. I mean, that takes serious guts right there! I’d be so nervous doing that hoping not to drop the ring and lose it forever. I asked him how long he had the ring and how many times he was going to propose before he actually did, and he said just once. But apparently Kate didn’t even know about this just once before that moment. But he looked at her across from me there at the coffee table that day and shook his head at her and told her she was in a mood. And we all busted out laughing at that point because we’re sure he was probably right on that one.

Kate, Matt, this adventure, and the conversations we shared made such a big impact on me. Made me even more excited than I previously was to photograph their upcoming wedding. Happens every time. Cheers to all the good things in life and going for them!

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WOW That first shot totally grabbed my attention. I love that you captured details of the environment on their adventure- North Carolina provides such a dreamy backdrop!

Beautiful photos! And what a spot for a session!

These are so warm and beautiful! Wish we had waterfalls around here!

your work always blows me away! I love all the teture of the rocks and the deep colours, amazing!

These are gorgeous. What an amazing location 🙂

This North Caroline adventure session is so stinking pretty. You’re the best

LOVE how these are so romantic yet playful and organic at the same time. You do awesome photography work! <3

Oh wow. So diggin on this moooood you so elegantly captured.

These are so incredibly beautiful. Love love the colors 🖤

Very well documented! And very sweet!

Stunning! Beautiful captures!

Awesome! Love the colors and connection!

North Carolina is just meant for adventure souls! Such a beautiful engagement!

This beautiful North Carolina engagement looks a lot like where I live in Scotland! I just love the forest – such a great place for an adventurous engagement session! I just wish we had as many adventurous couples here as you do over in the US 🙂

Who knew North Carolina could have such cool places? I love that rock and the waterfall, looks like the perfect location for an adventurous couples session!

Monica this is a gorgeous engagement session! Hiking up to that waterfall will be something they will never forget. Just beautiful!

I love the photos under the waterfall, and that ring shot looks like a freaking fairytale!