Rocky Mountain National Park Sunrise Couples Session | Rocky Mountain Engagement

August 28, 2021

Picture this: It’s the early morning hours, the darkest before dawn. You set out in your car for what looks to be the dark unknown. With each passing minute the sun starts to make its way closer to the horizon, and the sky begins to slowly fade from a deep black to a dark blue. The excitement builds. Silhouettes of giants begin to appear against the night sky as you drive further into the darkness. You eventually reach your destination as the sky lightens and silhouettes begin to shift to recognizable objects. Giants. Rugged ridges of Earth ascending high into the sky. The next chapter of your adventure unfolds as the hues of darkness brighten toward an unforgettable sunrise in the mountains. When you make plans for a Rocky Mountain engagement, you get to experience this and much more too.

I remember the first time I saw the Rocky Mountains. As a Native Floridian, I’ll admit that I literally cried. It was one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever laid eyes on. I’ve since spent more time in the Rockies than I can count, and hope to eventually move out there one day. There is just so much awe and wonder to behold out there, and if you know then you know! If you’ve never been, then you need to add it to your calendar ASAP.

Jeni + Victor set out to the top of the Rockies in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado way before the sun came up to meet me out there before sunrise. They braved the cold for some epic imagery and they’re absolute troopers for doing so! I guess after you live in Colorado for so long you get used to the cold ;-P

We began our adventure during what’s known as the blue hour — that’s the half hour or so before sunrise, when the sun is still below the horizon. The sky is a deep blue and the landscape is suffused with a soft blueish light. Just like how I capture the trueness of any weather, the blue hour lends itself toward a more blueish tone in my photographs. I love how distinct it is.

Even more beautiful than blue hour is the experience of witnessing alpenglow. Ugh, the literally heart-wrenching beauty of alpenglow. It’s the reddish glow seen near sunset or sunrise on the summits of mountains, and happens as the sun is justttt below the horizon line, illuminating the mountains opposite to the sun’s direction. Even if you’re not a morning person — and I am definitely one of those people — I strongly encourage you to add this to your bucket list as well.

It was such a wonderful morning getting to experience blue hour, the alpenglow, and a majestic sunrise deep in the Rockies with Jeni and Victor that day. I love how much it added to the variety in their photos too. I cannot wait to be back out in Colorado to celebrate their intimate sunset wedding in 2022!

A couple walk hand in hand at blue hour before sunrise for their Rocky Mountain engagement
A man wraps his arms around his fiancé and stare out at the sunrise for their Rocky Mountain engagement
A man kisses his fiancé in front of the Rocky Mountains at their engagement session
A man and woman walk hand in hand in the Rocky Mountains during their sunrise engagement
A man dips his fiancé for a romantic kiss with the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop for their engagement session
A man leads his fiancé by the hand in the middle of the Rocky Mountains at their engagement
A man and woman snuggle up atop the Rocky Mountains at their engagement session
A man and woman laugh as they snuggle closer together for their Rocky Mountain engagement
A man pulls his fiancé in for a kiss at their Rocky Mountain engagement
A woman rides piggyback on her fiancé while they laugh during their Rocky Mountain engagement
A woman kisses her fiancé's cheek while she rides piggyback during their Rocky Mountain engagement session
A woman smiles at her fiancé while she rides on his back for their Rocky Mountain engagement session

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