Boho North Carolina Waterfall Couples Session | An Epic Wilderness Adventure

September 16, 2020

I’m not a morning person myself, but one thing I’ve learned as a photographer is that waking up early is SUPER worth it for that soft and yummy morning light. Not only that, but early mornings have proven to be worth waking up for because of the increased chance of being the only one out on the trails so early. This North Carolina waterfall engagement is a perfect example of that happening. We were the only ones out there that morning and had the entire place to ourselves.

I met with Ashley and Cory not long after the sun came up and descended over 500 feet to the river gorge floor. The rock scramble down into the gorge is a bit technical and not recommended for amateurs to attempt, but from my time getting to know these two world-class adventurers I learned that they are always down for anything.

I always love the adventure of bringing couples here when I have one that’s able to do so; There are some marvelous sights to see along the way to the falls basin and it’s always a joy watching the excitement unfold as we walk along the river before rounding the corner and seeing the falls itself. It’s truly a remarkable experience to have a front row seat to this rager of a waterfall. And once we settled in near the waterfall, the sun crept its way through the river gorge and met us with the most striking back glow downstream. It was unapologetically magical.

Please remember

And remember, no matter what you pack in, be sure pack it all back out. Please practice leave no trace principles and help preserve the beauty of these wild areas for years to come.

Never rely on cell service, tell someone where you’re going, and never go somewhere without having a thorough understanding of the area; Always check the trailhead kiosk, official maps, and the ranger office for notices on trail closures, safety information, and restrictions.

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A man candidly smiles at his fiancé while posing in front of a north carolina waterfall for their engagement photos
A man digs into his fiancé's neck for some sweet kisses during their north carolina waterfall engagement session
A couple sits on a rock along a riverbank and touches noses while posing for their engagement photos near a waterfall in north carolina
A woman throws her hat in the air as she kisses her fiancé during their north carolina waterfall engagement session photos
A man and woman sit on a rock where the man kisses her neck for their North Carolina waterfall engagement photos
A couple poses along the riverbank early in the morning
A man and woman stand on a rock where they look out in an epic way for their North Carolina waterfall engagement photos
A couple embraces for
A couple embraces while standing on a rock alongside a riverbank looking out toward a large waterfall for their north carolina engagement photos
A candid moment between two lovers during their engagement session
A man leads his fiancé alongside the river near a large waterfall in north carolina during their engagement
A couple laughs and has some fun during their north carolina waterfall engagement
A couple takes a moment to pause and breathe in each other during their engagement photos
A couple embraces in front of a large fissure within the river gorge
A couple hugs and closes their eyes while taking photos for their north carolina waterfall engagement

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