Capturing Love in the Enchanting Outdoors: A Tale of an Intimate Wedding near Denver, Colorado

July 7, 2023

I’ve fallen in love with adventures, so I begin to wonder if that’s why I’ve fallen for you.

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado, where towering mountains meet endless skies, a tale of love unfolded on a sun-kissed day just outside the vibrant city of Denver. As a photographer, I had the incredible honor of witnessing and immortalizing an intimate wedding that celebrated the unbreakable bond between two souls. The enchanting beauty of the natural surroundings provided the perfect backdrop, amplifying the heartfelt emotions and creating an atmosphere of pure magic. Join me on a visual journey as we delve into the captivating moments of this extraordinary wedding, where love, nature, and the spirit of Colorado intertwined in perfect harmony.

A pair of bridal shoes, a bridal bouquet, a carabiner, a wedding invitation, a wedding ring set, a glass mountain ornament, and a custom made topography design scarf round out the details of this intimate mountainside wedding.
A close up photo of the wedding ring set sitting atop a wedding invitation, with the bride's bouquet and a wedding scarf in the background. The text on the invitation has been exposed over multiple times for artistic effect.

For Jeni and Victor, their biggest priority for their wedding day was lots of time spent with their guests. They even gave a speech at dinner thanking everyone who traveled near and far to be there for them on their big day. Getting ready at their own house and just hanging out with their loved ones prior to the festivities just set the tone for such a laid back day.

Jeni and Victor chose to get ready at their home since they live in a neighborhood right alongside Green Mountain. Located in Lakewood, immediately southwest of downtown Denver, it’s an area where the couple spends a lot of time. It’s a special place for them, and because of that, they decided that was where they wanted to have their intimate wedding ceremony. The weather was great, the hike was short, and the views of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains were incredible!

After the mountaintop ceremony, the couple then hosted a lovely reception nearby at the Retreat at Solterra, also located in the city of Lakewood. The venue happened to be conveniently nearby as well and provided the perfect space for an intimate wedding reception for everyone to gather after the ceremony.

A groom's intimate wedding day details include a nice pair of dress shoes, custom cufflinks, the man's watch, his tie, and his wedding band.

Fun Fact: The carabiner pictured is the one that Victor used to propose to Jeni. While out on a climb one day, he attached the engagement ring onto the carabiner for Jeni to find at just the right moment. Victor was even excellent enough to film it on his phone. They shared it with me when we first started chatting about their wedding plans and it was some of the most wholesome content ever created.

Jeni and Victor decided to get ready at their home, adding a cozy and unique touch to their intimate wedding day
A bride smiles in a handheld mirror as the reflection of the two bridesmaids smiling can be seen in the floor mirror in the background.
A bride gets ready with her mom in an extra room in her house on her intimate wedding day
Jeni really wanted to have both her mom and her stepmom to help her get ready
A groom gets ready for his intimate wedding day at his house. He puts on his suit jacket in front of an open window.
A close up of a groom's button of his suit jacket as he gets ready for his wedding day.
A black and white image shows a groom holding the cuff of his shirt to display his custom mountain graphic cufflinks.
Victor’s tie was custom made with the topography of the area of their ceremony location
A view of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains from a trail on Green Mountain in Lakewood, Colorado.
A group of people hold white umbrellas as they walk up a trail on Green Mountain to the site of an upcoming intimate wedding ceremony.
A bride and groom walk alongside each other up the trail on Green Mountain to their intimate wedding. They are joined by the ring bearer in front of them and the two bridesmaids behind them.
A young flower girl walks ahead of the couple as they near their intimate wedding ceremony.
A close friend of the bride and groom plays a song on a guitar while the couple walks toward the ceremony site.
The bride and groom make their way to the spot where their guests are waiting for them.
Close friends look on with joy as the bride and groom approach.
A pulled back shot of the mountaintop intimate wedding ceremony in its entirety. A bride and groom stand in the center, next to their small bridal party, while surrounded by their guests standing and watching.
A bride shines as she candidly smiles from ear to ear while looking at her groom.
A pulled back shot of the back side of the mountaintop intimate wedding ceremony. The bride and groom are standing to the right of the frame while the rest of the frame is filled with the encircling guests.
The ring bearer hands the officiant the carabiner holding the wedding bands.
A bride laughs at the same time as the groom and officiant as she handles the wedding bands during her wedding ceremony.
The flower girl can be seen gazing at the ring exchange between the bride and groom during their intimate wedding ceremony.
The bride and groom celebrate their marriage with a first kiss at their mountaintop intimate wedding ceremony.
A bride walks with her bridesmaids at the top of Green Mountain after her intimate wedding ceremony.
A groom and his two groomsmen lift up their pant legs to show off their crazy socks for the wedding day.
A bride's dress drapes in front of the camera as her and her groom walk along Green Mountain on their intimate wedding day.
A bride and groom kiss their beloved pooch as she is smothered with love in between the two of them on their intimate wedding day.
Jeni + Victor decided to stay behind for a private moment to read their vows to one another
A bride wipes away a tear as her groom reads his vows to her atop Green Mountain outside Denver on their intimate wedding day.
A candid moment in black and white features the front range of the Rocky Mountains behind an out-of-focus bride and groom reading their vows to one another on their intimate wedding day.
A bride and groom laugh as the groom finishes reading his vows on their intimate wedding day.
A double exposure image features the torso of a groom holding his jacket while in the center is his bride dancing on the mountaintop on their intimate wedding day.
The Retreat at Solterra provides a Tuscan setting for intimate weddings right in Denver, Colorado.
The couple decided to host their reception at the nearby Retreat at Solterra
A bride and groom dance among the landscape at Retreat at Solterra on their intimate wedding day.
The terrace at the Retreat at Solterra provides a warm and inviting space to hold an intimate wedding near Denver, Colorado.
A sign at the front door of the Retreat at Solterra warmly welcomes the guests of the day's intimate wedding.
The clubhouse at the Retreat at Solterra is set up for a beautiful intimate wedding reception.
A groom dips his newlywed bride and kisses her to finish out their first dance on their intimate wedding day.
A bride and groom gather around family and close friends for a celebratory shot at the venue's bar on their wedding day.
A bride and groom gather around family and close friends for a celebratory shot at the venue's bar on their wedding day.
A bride and groom pose for a group shot with all the guests of the intimate wedding.
I absolutely love a great group shot!
A bride and groom dance in the middle of a circle surrounded by their intimate wedding guests as they finish out the wedding night.

As the sun slowly descended behind the majestic mountains, casting its golden hues across the landscape, the intimate wedding drew to a close, leaving behind cherished memories and a lasting impression on everyone present. The laughter, tears, and heartfelt vows shared beneath the vast expanse of the Colorado sky will forever be etched in our hearts. Through my lens, I captured not only the picturesque scenery but also the profound connection between the Jeni and Victor, their loved ones, and the untamed beauty of nature. This intimate wedding outside of Denver was a testament to the power of love, the undeniable allure of Colorado’s mountains, and the joy that blossoms when two souls unite in a place where dreams come true. It is my sincerest hope that the photographs I captured will serve as timeless reminders of this remarkable celebration and inspire others to embrace the beauty and intimacy of love in the great outdoors.

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