Foggy Engagement Session at Craggy Gardens | A Blue Ridge Parkway Engagement

November 12, 2019

Anna and Andy’s foggy Craggy Gardens engagement session is a classic example of why having an optimistic attitude in less than ideal weather conditions is so important. I might not be able to guarantee your adventurous excursion will go exactly the way you might envision since I cannot control the weather and the unpredictability of the outdoors, but I will always promise to do my absolute best to make it worth it.

The day of Anna and Andy’s scheduled adventure engagement session, the forecast had some showers in the area of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and although we were looking like we would be dodging bad weather, I knew that the clouds would be hanging around in the higher elevations of the mountains. Coincidentally enough, Craggy Gardens is located in the highest elevations in all the Appalachians, so I knew it was about to get interesting.

Five miles from the trailhead, the clouds took over any visibility there was left in the area. Once I reached where we were to meet, I was literally in the clouds. It was just one huge blanket of water vapor. So when Anna and Andy arrived, I knew they were a bit surprised, since of course, everyone enjoys those mountains views. Lucky for them, they had been to Craggy Gardens before and knew what the area looked like, although it still was the day of their engagement photos. I know that, regardless of the conditions, we were going to make some magic. And make some magic we DID.

So our new plan was to drive a bit back down in elevation to a break in the clouds for some photos “out” of the clouds, so to speak. There’s a great overlook a few miles down from the trailhead and luckily it was low enough that the sights were rather clear at that spot. Right as we were beginning our session, we spotted a bear. SECOND TIME spotting [at least] one with my couples. He was peaking his head out right on the Parkway. At the moment I only had a wide lens on my camera in hand and was too afraid to miss my opportunity for a photo if I were to run back to my car and switch lenses. Eventually, he safely crossed the road and disappeared off into the woods.

Once we finished up some photos at the overlook, we made our way back up to our trailhead at Craggy Gardens to hike to the summit. Although it was, of course, blanket/white-out conditions at the top, the hike on the trail was SO AMAZING. Seriously, the clouds created this ethereal fog among the trees and it all just looked oh so magical.

Super duper extremely grateful for clients with a positive attitude who roll with the punches and work with what Mother Nature throws at them. As someone who believes that there’s no such thing as bad weather with the right attitude, I give many thanks to people like Anna and Andy who put their trust in me to provide them with a great time no matter what. Can’t wait to celebrate with these two goofballs at their wedding next May!

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These shots are so beautiful and fun!

Craggy Gardens is one of my favorite locations! Great job capturing such sweet moments between these two 🙂

This is SO beautiful and the colors are AMAZING! You did such a great job documenting all the moments 🙂

Holy moly this engagement session is amazing! I love the fog and that ring shot is killer.

These are stunning but you all are crazy to go hiking after just seeing a bear lol I would be outta there so fast lol. looks like you got a perfect day though love the fog.

A bear!? That’s incredible. The atmospheric effect of the fog I think really adds to the serenity of the images! What an excited day. Glad everyone rolled with the punches.

This looks like it was so much fun! And how cool that you got to see a bear!!

Love these! The ones on the rocks are especially stunning. And love the fog so much, it’s always my favorite for mountain photos. Makes me miss NC!

Love the adventure in this session! And also spent a good few minutes wondering HOW they climbed to that spot in the first photo haha

So perfect! Love the photos on them on the rails and with the foggy tree.

These are so so so sweet. I love all of the candids and fun moments that you captured <3