Heartwarming Couples Sunrise Session in Boulder, Colorado | Colorado Engagement Inspo

October 7, 2020

This Boulder couples sunrise session has warmed my heart in more ways than one. The colors of the sunrise, the couple, their connection—it was all so joyous to be witness to.

I’ve known Kris since we were literally preteens. Even at such a young age he was one of those souls you instantly connect with, one that can easily light up a room. After graduating we both moved on from our upbringings in Florida—he heading out to Colorado and I up to North Georgia before making it to North Carolina. When I first starting venturing out to Colorado for work, I knew there was one person I had to reach out to. Kris! That first time seeing him and his partner John out there was so much a delight that I’ve been doing it on every trip ever since 😂 The love and admiration I have for these two is beyond measure.

Kris and John were willing to wake up before the sun and meet me for some fun photos one crisp and clear morning in the foothills of Boulder. When I saw them get out of their crossover in their matching flannel shirts I nearly DIED. As if they couldn’t get cuter enough, my word. They were so alert and hyped and ready to shoot and I was loving the energy they brought with them that early in the morning!

I loved this morning because it was so interesting getting creative with shooting toward the sun for some photos and with the sun behind me for others. The contrast in the final images between the two directions add some great variety to the overall photo collection. Even the difference with the lighting between before the sun rises and after is fun to play with and add variety to the gallery as well. I love how well Kris and John are just NATURALS in front of the camera and are an absolute hoot to hang with.

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