Your Beautiful Story

Imagine sharing your memories

"I wanna see your wedding photos!"

Exclaims your bestie as they're over at your home.

What are you gonna do?

Do you pull out your phone and show them your photos on your small screen


Do you bring out your exquisite album to flip through and share the memories in gorgeous print?

The Album Philosophy

Printing our memories is so so important. It's a message we've heard, but has it truly sunk in for you? Do you print your images?

When you hire me, you not only believe in me to rightfully document your most important moments, you’re trusting in me to curate a story through imagery that is as unique as you.

My goal is to put an album into each and every client's hands. Let me tell your story the same way.

After more than two years now of the world being stuck at home, there has been a rekindling of the great outdoors. Being outside recharges the spirit, brings hope and stability into life. That same spirit is being seen in the photography industry as things start to open again and weddings are back on the books. With that in mind, I’m super excited for this newest line of albums that fit perfectly within the Monica Leavell Photo brand and experience.

In this day and age, we all know that digital files are great. But they aren’t forever. Photos really come to life when they are printed. They not only become richer but more realistic when you can actually hold them in your hands. That’s the moment they truly become more than colors printed on a paper.



Only the best of the best

I've curated the most impressive selection of albums that will perfectly pair with my style of photographic artistry. Your albums will be printed using the same technology used for gallery prints in a museum!

Exponential quality control

Everything from the printing inks to the paper types and materials used to make these albums not only guarantee that your images will be displayed with the right colors and quality but they ensure that your valuable memories won't fade for at least 100 years.

Professional album design

Bigger on the inside

Each album is professionally designed (by yours truly!) with simple and modern album spread layouts that will tell your story the way it's meant to be told.

The coveted flat binding and seamless spreads of these albums lets your epic photos take center stage. Cherish your important moments in a truly spectacular style, with something physical that can be shown off to all your friends and family for years to come.

The Album Design Process

A physical experience with physical memories

The Woodlands Album

Tie up precious memories with A JOURNAL ARTBOOK STYLE

The Woodlands Album is the best seller amongst my clients. It’s fashioned after a vintage artist’s journal, elegantly wrapped in genuine full grain leather with a leather strap closure.

Focusing on the natural characteristics of raw leather, this hand-crafted rustic album stands the test of time and tells a story like none other.

With an impeccable layflat design and thick, sturdy pages, it beautifully displays those most magical of moments, perfect for dreamy boho weddings and romantic elopements in the woods.


10 X 10

12 X 12

The Outlander Album

uniquely designed wedding albums that are A cut above the rest

“Less is more” is overrated. More is definitely more with The Outlander Album, where your unique style truly shines. You are documenting a million shades of emotion...your book should be able to keep up.

The possibilities are endless with your very own custom cover. You can either collaborate with me to design it, or I can take over 100% and choose all the design elements that tie into the vision for the story that is told on the inside pages. Don’t worry, you’ll still have a chance to approve any design before it’s sent to print!

The Outlander Album design features with your choice of a book cloth, leather, or photo cover with a full wrap or 3/4 wrap to mix cover ideas. In addition to the custom cover, The Outlander also includes custom debossing on the spine of the album too, ensuring customization at every angle. Ideas include a variation of your names and date, or a custom quote.

Little moments, such as your vows, or the lyrics to the song you danced to can even be memorialized in a custom deboss inside your album. Those words can forever be apart of your life when you add a custom deboss to an album page.


Add even more ways to leave a clear and lasting impression with an Outlander Slipcase. These are a great way to not only give albums extra protection but also change up the design if you want; Have it match your wedding album cover or do mix and match design.

10 X 10

9 x 12

10.5 x 14

12 X 12

for an economical option with a high-end impact

In this classic take on a modern heirloom, The Highlands Album will display your memories on true photographic paper for a traditional finish with a slight sheen. It contains a new design for 2022, including a foliage element and your names and wedding date, engagement date, or day-after adventure date in an elegant serif font, all tying together to form a simple yet modern minimalist album design. Create an elegant heirloom album with one of the luxe linen covers featuring a premium selection of rich colors and textures, or upgrade to one of the premium leathers. The Highlands Album is available in sizes 8 x 8 and 10 x 10.


Mini Albums

Mini albums are the perfect add-on for parents or chosen family. They're scaled down replicas of your album, with the same design on the inside.

Mini album options available for all album types

Album Display Boxes

Let people know your book is a family treasure. Each display box is hand-crafted to fit your book's spread count and design. Boxes can even be made to fit more than one book and can be customized with all the same options as any book cover.

Walnut and fabric display boxes with a simple engraving/debossing are available for Highlands Albums. Custom-designed boxes are available for Outlander Albums and include a number of cover options, from a mimic of your album to a matching, unique design of its own.


& Answers


What are spreads?

Album spreads are the left and right side of an open album. The two pages, together, equal one spread. A 12 x 12 album with 20 spreads will contain 40 pages.


What is debossing?

Debossing is the art of imprinting a design onto the cover of your album. This is achieved with a stamping press; Album craftsmen impresses a die into the surface of the cover material so that your custom design will leave a depressed (debossed) imprint.

What's the turnaround times for albums?


I have a standard timeline for albums, but depending on how long it takes you to get back to me will have an affect on how quickly (or slowly) it takes for you to receive your album.

Client Image Selection Deadline - 4 weeks: If the image selection process is not completed within 4 weeks, I'll go in and create an initial draft of the album and send it over to you. If it's easier for you, I can go ahead and design the initial draft of the album without you having to take the time to select images in your gallery.

Client Draft Deadline - 6 months: If no revisions have been submitted or the design hasn't been approved within 6 months, the album will be sent to print as is.

Current Album Production Turnaround Time - 6 weeks

Rush Service is available for all albums with a production turnaround time of 3 weeks.

What Clients Are Saying

"Monica — I am blown away by how wonderfully you captured the best day of our lives. This has been a weird week for me, so the ability to sit down on the couch with Jon and a glass of wine to look through this breathtaking album means so much. I felt almost as happy as my actual wedding day looking through them, and I’ve been through the whole album no less than five times.

I could not be happier with the way these came out. Thank you for your talent and kindness 💛"

Cristina & Jonathan

Ready to start showcasing your memories?